My kid misbehaved in social media

Picture: Sarah Good, user of goSupermodel

Picture: Sarah Good, user of goSupermodel

It’s never nice to find out your kid has publicly misbehaved. When it happens in social media it’s even worse since things you post on the internet basically never completely disappear.

There are many ways to misbehave online, and it’s not always about bullying in a cruel way or sending a naked picture. At watAgame, we consider for instance insulting comments, cheating other community members and spamming others as misbehaving.

When those things happen, we always inform the kid that they have done something wrong and explain why that was bad.

Can’t behave, don’t use?

What should you do as a parent then? The instant solution popping into mind might be to forbid the kid from using social media. Can’t behave, don’t use.

However, that might lead to even riskier situations. The kid will most likely use prohibited services without parental knowledge. Next time when something goes wrong, they are too afraid to tell you.

Instead of harsh punishments, we believe in discussing, preferably already before problems arise but better late than never. Talk about online behaviour, set rules, make sure your kid knows that common behaving rules apply also online and encourage them to apologise if needed.

We all make mistakes. That’s fine as long as we learn from them.





About the author:

Pia Edman, Momio

Pia Edman worked as a Finnish Community Manager from 2009 to 2015. She has several years of experience in working with online communities and online safety as well as with digital content creation and digital advertising. Pia has a master’s degree in Finnish language.