Momio Terms of Sale


Last update: January 2, 2017

These Terms of Sale govern your purchases of services on Momio. We only accept orders where you accept our Terms of Sale.

1. Prices
All prices on Momio include V.A.T. and are subject to change without notice.

2. Diamonds and sapphires
Diamonds and sapphires are the virtual currencies on Momio. They can be won or earned but you can also buy them with real money by using one of the payment options presented on the site. You must be logged in on Momio to use your diamonds and sapphires.

3. Momio Plus membership
A Momio Plus membership gives access to certain privileges, as stated in the Momio Plus section on Momio, for the duration of the membership. The duration of the membership is in calendar days. Momio Plus membership cannot be transferred to other accounts under any circumstances.

4. Ad free Momio
Ad free is a service that can be purchased with a one time payment and will last for the lifetime of the account it is bought for. Ad free removes all ads from external parties in any form for the account – the account will however still see communication around Momio products. Ad free Momio cannot be transferred to other accounts under any circumstances. Ad free does not include any diamonds or other Momio Plus privileges.

5. Liability
Any diamonds or other services bought for your account are protected by your Momio login password. It is your sole responsibility to guard your password so that others can’t access your account – you should never reveal your password to others! You are solely liable for any loss of diamonds, virtual goods or bought services resulting from the abuse of your account and password. If you experience or suspect any such abuse you must immediately report it to the Momio team.

6. Payment security
Momio uses a third party payment provider and therefore we do not store any credit card, phone number or bank account information. Our payment providers fully live up to Danish industry security standards. All credit card, phone number and bank account information is stored by the payment provider solely in encrypted form in high security computer centres. All collection and storage of sensitive information by the payment provider conforms to the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

7. Refunds
You have the right to refund your purchase up to 14 days after purchase if it has not been consumed.

8. Being banned from Momio
The Momio rules are found on the profile page in the settings menu marked with a cogwheel icon. The rules explain how you must behave in order to be allowed to use Momio. The rules are set up to protect users from other users’ bad behavior.
You may lose access to your Momio account and all that is contained in the account, including but not limited to virtual items, sapphires, diamonds and Momio Plus membership days if you:
Break the Momio rules in a serious manner or fail to change your behaviour according to warnings or timeouts
In some aggravated cases of breach of our rules we retain the right to ban all accounts created on a device like for instance a specific iPad, in which case all accounts made on the device will lose access to Momio and any virtual goods or Momio Plus membership days purchased.
If you delete your own Momio account.
If you make payments on Momio while being younger than 18 without permission from your parents or legal guardian regardless of payment method.

9. Legal matters
These Terms of Sale will be governed and interpreted according to the laws of Denmark.
You specifically consent to personal jurisdiction in Denmark in connection with any dispute between you and Momio arising out of these Terms of Sale or pertaining to the subject matter hereof. The parties to these Terms of Sale each agree that the exclusive venue for any dispute between the parties arising out of these Terms of Sale or pertaining to the subject matter thereof will be in the courts in Denmark.
You irrevocably waive all rights to bring or participate in any class action suits or claims regarding the matters related hereto.
If any part of these Terms of Sale is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. These Terms of Sale constitute the entire agreement among the parties relating to this subject matter.
In the event that a purchase order, confirmation letter, or other communication is inconsistent with these Terms of Sale, these Terms of Sale will govern, unless expressly agreed in writing otherwise by an executive officer of Momio.

10. Momio ApS
Momio is developed and managed by:
Momio ApS
Lergravsvej 53, 2. sal
2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
Email: See here
CVR: DK-35837787