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Internet safety for parents

As a parent you might feel you don’t have a full understanding of what your kids are up to in their online activities. You can be insecure about rules and recommendations when it comes to things like age limits and privacy issues.

Our blog Internet safety for parents answers questions, explains phenomena and raises discussions.

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Internet safety is a top priority for Momio. Our staff is educated by Save the Children in Denmark in internet safety and participates in relevant seminars like EU’s Safer Internet Forum. We also cooperate with the police.

Our user’s personal info is not revealed to other users and the content is both moderated and scanned.
The comprehensive safety mechanics allow users to report unwanted content and ensure that the users’ questions are answered fast.





These are the key elements of SAFEGUARD – Momio’s internet safety system and processes.

Safety tools

Our extensive internet safety tools are our pride. For example, we have filters censoring bad words and picking up suspicious words, automated lists showing risky content and misbehaving users, and a complete overview of who has done what and when. Our safety staff checks the lists and filters ongoing and every day.

Live moderation

Around 100 moderators see through content to delete things that are breaking the rules and punish misbehaving users. Our moderators are visibly present in the communities and the users can also turn to them if they need help.

Cooperation with external experts

To ensure the best possible and up-to-date safety to our users, we cooperate with NGO’s, the police and other instances that want the best for children.  We have close cooperation with for example Save the Children, Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service and Foreningen for Børn og Unge i Voldsramte Familier.

Safety and educational campaigns

Both on our own initiative and together with our partners, we teach good online behavior. We take a clear stand against bullying both online and offline, and remind our users that the same rules apply online as in offline life.


From links below you can read more about the rules of Momio.

ad free-01

Ad free Momio

We show ads on Momio to help fund the costs of running Momio. We hand-pick our advertising partners to make sure all content is appropriate for children.

If you don’t want your child to see advertisements on Momio, you can buy ad free Momio. You pay a small sum once, and your child will never again see any ads on Momio. This includes all forms of advertising: posts, chat messages and videos.

To purchase ad free Momio, log in to Momio with the account you want to become ad free, click the icon in the top bar that shows how many diamonds you have, and then the tab with a picture of an umbrella.


Learning aspect

We focus on creativity and user involvement. We encourage the users to express themselves in whichever way suits them best.

Momio aims to be the child’s first social community where the user will learn social media competencies such as communicating in a nice tone and always remembering online safety principles.

“I have friends on Momio that I would never have otherwise! On Momio I can be more open and be the real me. It has helped me explore new styles, music and much more.”

Momio user, Sweden


In-game purchasing

Momio can be used completely for free.

Momio users can collect virtual currency from different activities. It is also possible to buy in-game virtual currency with real money.

The income is used to further develop Momio.

There’s a buying limit and other safety mechanics that ensure that the in-game purchasing function is not misused.

The buying limits for Momio are:

  • Rolling 7 days: Possible to buy for 2,1 times the value of the most expensive package.
  • Rolling 31 days: Possible to buy for 4,1 times the value of the most expensive package.