Rules on Momio


Updated 21.12.2017

Momio is about having fun. To make sure that can happen, we have some rules everyone needs to follow.

Be nice

Treat others in a nice way. That’s the true Momio spirit! :)

Stuff like bullying, calling names, being patronizing, attacking someone or in general being hateful does not belong to Momio. That kind of behavior only makes others sad.
Don’t annoy others on purpose. The same goes for spamming – it doesn’t do any good and will just make you show in a bad light.

Keep your password secret

Your password is like a key. If you give it away, you might lose your momio forever. :(

Don’t tell your password to your friends, not even to your best friend, because no one else than you has a reason to log in to your momio.

Sometimes people you do not know will try to trick you into giving your password. They can promise all kinds of great things, like free sapphires. Those promises are not true, so be aware!

You can never ask for someone else’s password, and you’re never allowed to log in to somebody else’s momio. If someone asks you to do that, say no and report them.

Think before you post

Momio is a place for kids, so all things on Momio have to be appropriate for kids to see.

What is not OK?

Certain things don’t belong to Momio. For example anything related to sex is strictly forbidden. Never encourage violence, self harm or eating disorders. Encouraging smoking or the use of drugs or alcohol is also forbidden.

When talking about mental illness, disabilities and death, remember to be extra careful so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. You can talk about religion and politics, but you’re not allowed try to get others to join your side. Even if it is for a good cause, don’t post pictures of suffering animals or people.

Be careful with pictures!

Others can save pictures you post on their computer and keep them forever – that’s why you need to be careful!

  • Think: “Is this a picture I really want others to see forever?”
  • Never post pictures of others without their permission.
  • People in pictures must always have their clothes on.

Breaking the rules has consequences

If you break the rules you can get a warning, a time-out or a ban. In the worst case, your momio can even be deleted along with all the sapphires, diamonds and animos and items you have.

Talk to your parents

Tell your parents that you’re using Momio. You can show Momio to them and tell what you can do here. You should discuss with your parents about what kind of things you’re allowed to post on Momio.

Before you share any personal information like your address, phone number or Skype account, you have to get permission from your parents. The same goes if you’re planning to meet up with someone you got to know on Momio.

Even with permission from your parents, you should only share personal information in the chat. If you post it on the sky for everyone or your friends to see, it’s going out to many momios and is way too risky.

Other important information

Kids only!

Momio is a place for kids, so we don’t allow grown-ups in! Everyone who is not Jack’s helper (a moderator) or a Momio employee has to be under 18 years old. Parents can create a momio to see what this place is all about but shouldn’t be actively using Momio.

Don’t promise to buy to others

You should not promise to buy anything to others that involves using real money. If you see anyone doing this, report it. It’s too risky and the chance of getting cheated is too big. If you want to buy Momio Plus or a diamond or sapphire top-up package to a friend, talk about it with your parents. If they think it’s a good idea, agree about it with your friend face to face, not on Momio.


You cannot give away your momio or share it with someone else. Each momio can only have one owner.

Contact us

If there’s a problem with Momio and you can’t solve it, you can email to our support. Find the address here.

Tell clearly what your problem is and remember to mention your momio’s name. Then we can help you. :)

We sleep at night

Momio is closed every night because momios need their sleep. Momios sleep from 23 in the evening to 5 in the morning, except Friday and Saturday when they go to sleep at midnight and wake up again at 5 in the morning. During the sleeping time you can’t use Momio at all.

Changing your password

You can change your password in your profile.

Deleting a momio or its content

If you don’t want to use Momio anymore, you can delete your momio. Go to your profile and then to settings. Choose “Delete account”. You will have to confirm the deletion by writing in your password.

If you just want some things deleted or changed and can’t do it yourself, contact us and we will do it for you.

What is done with your information?

Momio is owned by a company called Momio ApS. Momio ApS saves everything you do on Momio. This includes everything from your chat messages and posts to the things that you buy in Momio. We do it so can find the people breaking the rules, improve Momio and help you with whatever questions you might have.

Even though we save everything, we don’t look at your information unless we have a good reason to do it. Those reasons can be that you asked for help or that there’s a safety issue, for example that you have been breaking the rules. Your personal information will not be given to anyone without your permission – unless the police or similar authorities require it.

If you don’t use your momio for six months, we may delete it to keep Momio clean of abandoned accounts.

Copyright and advertising

You can’t use Momio’s logo or other material and claim it to be your own.

You’re not allowed to advertise things on Momio.

When you become a user on Momio, you accept that you sometimes see advertisements on Momio’s skies and may receive them in the chat. The advertisements are always clearly marked. It is possible to block specific advertisers. The revenue Momio gets from the ads is used to further develop Momio.


Momio ApS, the company behind Momio, is located in Denmark and therefore operates under the Danish law.

Privacy policy

Momio is owned by a Danish company called Momio ApS. You can contact Momio ApS by email or by mail at Momio ApS, Lergravsvej 53, 2. sal, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.

We save some of your data. Your IP address is saved to be able to identify you. It can also be used to expel you from Momio in case you break the rules. A push notification token is saved to be able to show you push notifications and an advertising identifier is saved for showing ads. We also use cookies to keep you logged in.

Your personal information will not be given to anyone without your permission – unless the police or similar authorities require it.

You can yourself delete most of the content you create. You can also delete your account. If you need help or have any questions, contact us.